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I developed some android applications (e.g. Ideal time for Car Wash) and today something strange happend… I updated SDK Tools and ADT to revision 17 and apps using external jars as AndroidQuery, Admob, OrmLite failed to run on devices from Eclipse. Next I found, that the problem was not in the device, because emulator was giving the same exceptions:

logcat (many like this):

03-22 14:26:59.398: E/dalvikvm(663): Could not find class 'com.androidquery.AQuery', referenced from method com.idealtimefor.IdealTimeForActivity.onCreate

and then:

03-22 14:26:59.618: E/AndroidRuntime(663): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.androidquery.AQuery
03-22 14:26:59.618: E/AndroidRuntime(663): at com.idealtimefor.IdealTimeForActivity.onCreate(

After about a hour (I created new project, copy paste all to it, clean, change android version, reading some forum posts and blogs  etc..) I realized, that I had jars in “lib” folder and some working apps had it in “libs” folder. So I renamed lib folder to “libs” and the magic happened - all was working again… I really have no idea, why after update this happened…

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